Victorian Masters 2017

The twenty-first Victorian Masters Baseball Carnival will be held at Prince of Wales Reserve, Gillies Street Ballarat, from Friday 17 March to Sunday 19 March 2017.

The three-day event has been scheduled after the Labour Day weekend and prior to Easter/School Holidays.

Ballarat Brewers will again be host club for the Carnival, which will offer age groups in 35 Plus, 45 Plus and 50 Plus.

Further details will be posted over coming months, with a team expression of interest requested prior to Christmas.

Total number of team entries accepted will again be capped at twenty-four.

For assistance with accommodation options, these websites should be consulted:

Best wishes.

Kingsley Collins (Administrator, Victorian Masters Baseball Carnival)      

History-making Carnival concludes in style

Sunday 20 March 2016

In weather conditions a far cry from opening day, the twentieth annual Victorian Masters Baseball Carnival was wrapped up under clear skies at Prince of Wales Reserve this afternoon, with interest in all age groups maintained until the very end.

By any measure the tournament was another wonderful showcase for Masters baseball, with games invariably played out in the positive and friendly, albeit at times competitive spirit that has characterised this event since it was created two decades ago.

Participants again demonstrated that the Carnival is indeed owned by the participants, each of whom has embraced the underpinning principles of participation, engagement, friendly interaction, fun and joy that are brought through team sport and its off-field socialising.

On behalf of host club Ballarat City Brewers, I extend our thanks to all players, families, supporters, officials (especially our band of umpires, who did a fantastic job in covering nearly fifty games over three days) , sponsors and supporters who continue to make this event such a consistently uplifting event for so many people. While effective delivery of the Carnival is quite a demanding exercise for all concerned, the laughs, the fun, the contests, the team bonding and the nurturing of old and new friendships surely make it all worthwhile.

While Coburg had booked a ticket direct to the 50 Plus final on Sunday, Tassy Tigers and Fitzroy played out an early morning Semi-Final that saw the Tigers post a 15-1 result over the Lions, whose roar had abated somewhat by the final morning. Clearly relishing the break between their games, Coburg was pressured early by Tassy before forging away for an 11-4 win in the final.

50 PLUS FINAL PLACINGS AFTER PRELIMINARY ROUNDS:   Coburg (4 wins, 0 losses), Tassy Tigers (2-2, second on head to head), Fitzroy (2-2), Newport Rams (1-3, fourth on head to head), Big Cat Tomatoes (1-3)

With crucial preliminary games scheduled for Sunday morning, the 45 Plus group resulted in a finals clash between Big Cat Tomatoes and Pandas, both of whom had shown some terrific form during the series. In the end, though, it was the offensive power of the Big Cat Tomatoes that was decisive, as they surged to a comfortable break and went on to win the finale 11-3.

45 PLUS PLACINGS AFTER PRELIMINARY ROUNDS:   Big Cat Tomatoes (4 wins, 0 losses), Pandas (3-1), Diggers (2-2, third on head to head), Sandringham (2-2), Bendigo (1-3), Bees (0-4)

Similarly in 35 Plus, final placings were not decided until early Sunday afternoon, when an impressive Sloths outfits was narrowly denied a finals berth by Big Cat Tomatoes, who faced the reigning titleholder in Pandas. Outstanding starting pitching by Cameron Forbes (Pandas) and Mark Richards (Big Cat Tomatoes) limited early scoring until the Pandas exploded with the bats to set up a 9-0 win against an ever-competitive opponent.

35 PLUS PLACINGS AFTER PRELIMINARY ROUNDS:   Pandas (4 wins, 0 losses), Big Cat Tomatoes (3-1, second on runs scored against), Sloths (3-1), Ballarat (2-2, fourth on head to head), Cods (2-2), Red Sox (1-3, sixth on runs scored against), Tassy Tigers (1-3), Newport Rams (1-3), Doncaster Dragons (1-3)

Congratulations to the winning teams and to those who made their respective playoffs. Very well done to all teams – and all participants – on making the series another great success.

Good times and good memories.

All scores are shown to the right of this page. Scroll down for a selection of images.

Kingsley Collins (Administrator)


DAY TWO (Saturday 19 March 2016)

While shorts and sunnies were not exactly de rigeur for Day Two of the Carnival, conditions were far more pleasant as we were treated to another enthralling round of competition that opened up a variety of possible play-off scenarios for Sunday.

In 50 Plus, Coburg has gone four from four to book a berth in the Sunday afternoon final, while Tassy Tigers and Fitzroy Lions did enough to qualify for the Semi-Final to decide the Burgers' opponent. Finishing in fourth and fifth, Newport Rams and Big Cat Tomatoes both posted a win in the preliminary games and will watch on as their younger team counterparts partake of action on the sabbath.

Big Cat Tomatoes have already qualified for the 45 Plus final, although their opponent will only be decided after Sunday morning encounters involving other contenders in Pandas, Sandringham, Bendigo and Diggers - with the Bees out of contention but still a dangerous outfit should they be buzzing on the morrow.

Reigning 35 Plus champion Pandas - thus far undefeated - are looking the goods in their group, which today featured a remarkable 1-0 win by Sloths over Newport and a thriller between Ballarat and Tassy Tigers that was decided after two extra innings of tie-breaking intensity. While Big Cat Tomatoes are looking good to qualify for the playoffs, there are still competition variables that may come into play as Ballarat and Sloths remain the more prominent of other teams vying for the big dance.

With salubrious weather in prospect, we are poised for a fantastic final day of competition.

Scroll down for images from Day Two. All Day Two results are posted to the right of this page.

DAY ONE (Friday 18 March 2016)

The first day of Victorian Masters competition was wrapped up at Prince of Wales Reserve this evening, after experiencing what was undoubtedly the worst day of weather in its twenty-year history.

Nevertheless, as always, spirits were high, all scheduled games were played out and we were treated to another jam-packed round of fun and frivolity - with more than a touch of competitive baseball injected for good measure.

A more comprehensive report will be posted after Day Two. For now, Day One scores are listed to the right of this page and a selection of images is posted below.


Victorian Masters 2017

Day Three Results

***see left for standings after preliminaries***  
50 PLUS  
Tassy Tigers 15     Fitzroy Lions 1
45 PLUS  
Pandas 12     Bendigo Dragons 2
Big Cat Toms 11     Bees 4
Diggers 8     Sandringham 5
35 PLUS  
Sloths 7     Ballarat 2
Cods 9     Tassy Tigers 5
Red Sox 3     Sloths 6
Pandas 11     Doncaster Dragons 1
Big Cat Toms 10     Newport Rams 0

Day Two Results

50 PLUS  
Coburg 13     Newport Rams 0
Coburg 14     Tassy Tigers 5
Fitzroy Lions 7     Big Cat Toms 0
Tassy Tigers 4     Big Cat Toms 17
Newport Rams 7     Fitzroy Lions 9
45 PLUS  
Sandringham 7     Bees 3
Big Cat Toms 7     Diggers 3
Bees 5     Bendigo 14
Pandas 12     Diggers 3
35 PLUS  
Ballarat 1     Big Cat Toms 5
Doncaster 7     Tassy 8
Big Cat Toms 2     Cods 3
Doncaster 2     Red Sox 6
Tassy Tigers 10     Ballarat 11
Red Sox 4     Pandas 14
Cods 6     Pandas 13
Newport Rams 0     Sloths 1

Day One Results

50 PLUS  
Tassy Tigers 6     Fitzroy Lions 0
Newport Rams 2     Tassy Tigers 18
Fitzroy Lions 1     Coburg 18
Big Cat Toms 9     Newport Rams 10
Big Cat Toms 0     Coburg 7
45 PLUS  
Bees 1     Pandas 16
Big Cat Toms 8     Pandas 2
Sandringham 6     Big Cat Toms 11
Bendigo Dragons 7     Sandringham 18
Diggers 9     Bendigo Dragons 3
35 PLUS  
Newport Rams 11     Red Sox 7
Pandas 16     Newport Rams 6
Sloths 4     Doncaster Dragons 7
Ballarat 8     Cods 6
Tassy 5     Big Cat Toms 7

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